Nude beach pussy:
how to tan your labia

Nude beach or no nude beach, topless tanning feels great. We all like to lay in the sun and get a tan. Absorbing the warm sun rays doesn't only give a nice color to our skin, it also charges us with energy and makes us feel rejuvenated and sexy. That's the difference between being under the sun and being in a tanning bed. Artificial tanning doesn't give you that energized feeling.

tanning your pussy

Unfortunately, most women don't ever get to feel the sun on their naked pussy. As a woman you have probably felt how good it feels to take off your bra at the beach and feel the sunshine on your naked breasts. Especially with a nice breeze it feels as if someone is caressing them. Your nipples get hot and hard and the sun's energy flows from the surface of your breasts right through your chest into the base of your tummy, making you horny. Multiply this feeling by five and you understand what it feels like to get sunshine on your naked pussy.

Just try it if you have the occasion to tan naked or go to a nude beach. Remove your slip, but don't just lay down right away. Sit straight up with your legs open, and look at how your pussy seems to breath the fresh air and absorb the sunrays. You can see your labia move slowly as they swell and get engorged, as if your pussy is waking up out of its sleep.

Now apply a bit of tan lotion to your vulva. Hold your large lips with one hand and apply lotion to the outsides with the other hand. If you get horny or your pussy is secreting some drops of lubrication juices, resist the urge to touch the inside of the vagina because tanning lotion might irritate the mucous membranes.


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